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Assessment of property for the fund-raising purposes

Enterprises conduct the assessment of property to raise loan capital (credits, loans). Use of up-to-date data, a thorough analysis of information about analogues, data by branches of industry, general economic trends – all of that represents essential points for assessors during providing its services. 

Assessment of property for litigation

Litigation concerning the value of property, the amount of tax liability and a lot of other problems can be a reason for involvement of assessors to prepare an expert report on market value of the object of assessment.

Our specialists are ready to prepare an independent expert report for litigation on:

  • the value of property/rights
  • the cadastral value of real estate
  • the amount of damage

We are ready to offer you a full legal support to protect clients ' interests in litigation.

Assessment of intangible assets

To make managerial decisions, a company needs an expert assessment of intangible assets. It is important in the case of transactions of sale/purchase/lease of intangible assets, as well as in   preparation of consolidated financial statements according to the standards of US GAAP and IFRS.

Assessment of property for purposes of its contribution in the authorized capital

In some cases, one of requirements of corporate legislation is the necessity of an independent assessment of property for payment the authorized capital. Our assessors work on such tasks with our lawyers to offer the client the best method to form of the authorized capital.

Assessment of shares for corporate procedures

In some cases, assessment of the market value of shares is provided by corporate legislation.

The involvement of an independent assessor is necessary in following cases:

  • organization of the procedure of the mandatory offer
  • conducting the mandatory buyout of minority interests by the shareholder having more than 95 % of shares of the joint-stock company

Business assessment

Business assessment is necessary to make decisions about the investment, sale and purchase of enterprises and major blocks of shares.

The assessment results can be used in negotiations or for the purpose of making a final decision at the conclusion of a transaction.

Based on the assessment, it is also possible to calculate the factors of share exchange in the case of merger, acquisition or carve out of businesses. 

Assessment can be a part of a complex of measures aimed at the support of the transaction or it can be included in the pre-investment survey.

Assessment of property for accounting, including the accounting under IFRS

Assets accounting at the market value is one of conditions of objectivity of the information which is contained in the financial statements. Under the principles of IFRS, the users are provided with objective information. Thereby, the use of IFRS requires the involvement of assessors. Our assessors in cooperation with the auditors can develop optimal ways for assets accounting under IFRS, as well as provide the assessment procedure.  

Assessment of the market value for the purpose of tax computation 

In the tax legislation there are a number of cases when we need to determine (confirm) the application of the market value of the transaction to eliminate the risks of additional tax charges. It is recommended to conduct an independent assessment in the case of occasional major transactions between related persons (or between persons who can be recognized related by the court).