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    Professionals in the sphere of integrated use of legal and economic knowledge

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    New legal decisions for the best companies of our country

Legal services

Legal support of economic activity of enterprises

Legal support of economic activity of enterprises - it is opportunity to engage respective specialists of different sphere of law and to organize team problem solving.

Litigation support

Our company has an extensive positive practice in the most complex litigation, we offer services to support clients at all stages of litigation.

We look for effective and expedient ways to protect the client’s interest. We are responsible to our clients and punctual.

Legal protection in corporate conflicts

Legal protection in corporate conflicts - it is one of the leading activities of our lawyers. We use modern methods of protection against corporate raids and we have an extensive experience of successful participation in such procedures.

Legal support of major commercial transactions

Legal support of major commercial transactions is a complex of services for preparation and implementation of transactions, including elaboralion of documents for a transaction, Due Diligence of the object of purchase, elaboration of a system in organization of settlements, development of risk mitigation mechanism.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is conducted with mergers and acquisition transactions (M&A) and with transactions attracting investors. It will help you to achieve success in negotiations on the transaction price.

Due Diligence is compulsory process and reliable mechanism to work with risks during the preparation of major transactions, but it also gives opportunities for qualitative organization of the transaction.

Creation of enterprises, corporate document management (document flow)

We provide conducting of corporate procedures of high complexity

  • registration procedures
  • development of special methods to form the authorized capital
  • development of articles of association according to individual peculiarities of the organization of corporate management and business protection
  • development of corporate contracts
  • company reorganization, winding-up 

Corporate documents which are properly prepared, represent an instrument of qualitative business management, form the corporate culture and can also solve investment, tax and financial issues.

Business structuring

The specialists of the Siberian Law Company are ready to offer you full business restructuring  support and counseling on specific issues. The objectives of the business restructuring can be:

  • management of tax optimization and tax risks
  • increase of investment potential
  • the Group formation for consolidation purposes
  • management problem solving
  • management of  risk of asset losses

Our company has an extensive experience in business structuring in different economic sectors.

An integrated approach to problems and a large staff of qualified specialists: corporate lawyers, lawyers specializing in the field of real estate transactions, experts in the sphere of audit and taxation, professional assessors – all of that allows to restructure the business as efficiently as possible.

Preparation and support of bankruptcy proceedings

During the bankruptcy proceeding the legislation allows the use of mechanisms to keep business, making it one of the strategic financial and legal instruments to solve business problems.

We offer you:

  • Full objective analysis of the activities to choose the right strategy
  • Reduction of  risks of subsidiary liability
  • Initiation and support of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Preparation of documentation and reporting to the bankruptcy proceedings

The specialists of the Siberian Law Company have a long experience in support of bankruptcy proceedings, representing the interests of both the debtor and the creditor.



Contestation of the cadastral value of real estate

Property tax on the cadastral value has valid in the Novosibirsk region since 2015. There are new rules for offices, business and commercial properties.

The Siberian Law Company is ready to offer the program to protect from an excessive and unreasonable taxation of real estate.

Program on contesting the cadastral value:

  • An alternative assessment of the market value of real estate to determine the fair price of  the objects
  • Representation of client's interests in public authorities, courts and in the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography to fix the fair value of the property.

We have contested the cadastral value since 2005 and our company has a successful experience of client’s problem solving   in 100 % of the projects. 

 Registration of linear objects 

Legal regulation of linear objects has always been one of the most difficult issues in town- planning and land legislation of the Russian Federation.

Having the years of successful experience in supporting of linear object registration, we offer you the following services of client’s support at all stages of registration:

  • Registration of land relations to locate (to construct, to operate) a linear object
  • Obtaining construction permits, putting into operation
  • Support of the linear object registration in the cadastre
  • Support of the proprietary rights registration
  • Registration of protective zones of a linear object