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Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is formed on principles and methods used in most countries of the world, namely - the price of our services is charged by the hour. The tariff rate of our specialists is fixed following their qualifications and the complexity of their task.

How long does it take to provide specific services?
At first, we can prepare an estimate for providing services and agree on it in advance. In this case we will provide services according to the agreed price upon.

Secondly, the number of hours which has  been spent to provide a service is fixed in a special analytical information accounting system.

The system allows to control the results of the work  in the form of report (with indication of number of hours spent on a task). Also it allows to form the archive of documents prepared under the task.The client can gain on-line access to its orders and independently monitor the process of providing services through the Internet. 

By the way, our pricing policy is completely open to the client and the tariff rate for providing services does not depend on chance.

Legal services:

  • legal assistant's services - 1750 rubles per hour
  • lawyer’s services - 2900 rubles per hour
  • senior  attorney’s services - 3500 rubles per hour
  • leading lawyer’s services -4100 rubles per hour
  • partner’s services - 5200 rubles per hour

Audit  and accounting services:

  • assistant auditor’s services - 1750 rubles per hour
  • accountant/auditor’s services - 2900 rubles per hour
  • leading auditor’s services - 3500 rubles per hour
  • partner’s services - 5200 rubles per hour

Assessment services:

Cost of services is determined after a preliminary acquaintance with the object and purpose of the assessment. Because of the fact that there are lot of factors influencing the complexity of the process, we determine the cost of services individually, following the principles of reasonableness and economic expediency.